The book Transforming Asian Cities (working title) contains the texts of the lectures given during the design workshop and conference: and the projects presented at the exhibition. The book will be published in Indonesia in 2005.

Preliminary Content

Laretna Adhisakti: Jakarta. Urban Heritage
Fauzi Bowo: Learning Experience from the Development of Jakarta
M. Danisworo: Recent Development of Jakarta
Prof. dr ir Han Meyer: Present Day Urbanism in the Netherlands and Europe
Danang Priatmojo: Jakarta. Waterfront City
Stephen Read: Urban Space and Time in the Contemporary City
Jürgen Rosemann: LUP/Second Modernity
Sandyawan SJ: Jakarta. Slum Settlement
Sandi Siregar: Introduction on Indonesian Cities
Sri-Edi Swasono: Indonesian Perspective. Renewing and Revitalizing the Cities
Roemer van Toorn: Time in Transit. A Travelogue through the Society of The And in Search of And/otherness

Edi Arinto
Luki Budiarto: The Rise of Public Realm. Investigation of Spatial Configuration and Space-Use in Kampung Settlements of Jakarta, Indonesia
Denis Indramawan: Space of The Other
Monika Indriasari: The Emerging City inside the Metropolis Evaluation: Strategy and Planning Recommendation
Dastin Hillery: Proposal for Adaptive Re-Use of Former Kantor Imigrasi Menteng, Jakarta
Changwoo Li: Space in Transition. Renewal Project for the Mega Structure and Neighbouring Area
Budi Pradono
Eko Prawoto: Kampung Transformation as an Urban Strategy, and Old and New as Open Dialogue
Humphrey Rusli: Post-colonial Predominance in Designing Surabaya Historical Area
Paulus Setyabudi: Pasar and Modern Market in Surabaya
Wen Qian Shi: Global Impact: Local Solution. Revitalization of a Run-Down Stock Area, Suzhou Creek
Zhou Xiaoyang: Living Fossils. A Design Research into a Historical: Cultural Environmental Experience Museum in Qianhai Area Beijing, China
Jirawit Yamkleeb: [D]evolution. Steering the Unplanned


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